into the blue 2.22.14

Puerto Rico - April 2013

Puerto Rico – April 2013


Sea Sickness [Huffington Post]


“Kitty Litter Disease” Finding Its Way Into Arctic Waters Endangering Ocean Wildlife [Collective Evolution] 

The most beautiful animal you’ve never seen [Deep Sea News]

Bioluminescent Jellyfish 1.5 Miles Beneath the Sea [Scribol]

Don’t go in the water: Today in reasons the ocean is terrifying []

Sharks may hold key to hurricane forecasts [Sun Sentinel]

From the Shark Protected Waters of the Bahamas [Ocean Futures Society]

Climate Change/Coasts

Warming from Arctic Sea Ice Melting More Dramatic than Thought [LiveScience]

Study: Arctic getting darker, making Earth warmer []

Big Antarctic glacier to keep raising seas, even without warming [Reuters]

Artist’s Sea Level Rise Map Envisions A World Of New Seas And Coastlines [Huffington Post]


Ocean trash reborn as art in Alaska [Mother Nature Network]


BLUE Ocean Film Festival Casts Wide Net For Talent, Technology [83 degrees media]

Deep Sea Living Q&A with James Morgan [Roads and Kingdoms]

Deep Sea/Technology

Scientists Warn Against Mass Industrialization of Deep Sea [Common Dreams]


Seattle company pursues wind energy in ocean [Yakima Herald]


Boning In The Ocean: $290,000/Night Luxury Submarine [Geekologie]

Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism Sponsors Master of the Ocean Water Sport Competition Today [Broadway World]


Sea Transportation: Even Pirates Do Good Works [Strategy Page]


In deep water [Economist]

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