into the blue 3.2.14

Museum of Natural History - March 2014

Museum of Natural History – March 2014



Sea Turtles Are Endangered, But 42,000 Were Killed Legally Last Year [Huffington Post]

Taonius borealis: Bizarre Deep-sea Squid with Snooki Hair and Giant WALL-E eyes! [Featured Creature]

Climate Change/Coasts

Rising Temperatures, Changing Wind Patterns Could Affect Predator-Prey Relationships In The Ross Sea [Red Orbit]

Whales Moving Into Thawed Arctic Ocean [Discovery]


Ocean acidifying 10 times faster than anytime in the last 55 million years, putting polar ecosystems at risk [Monga Bay]

Acidic ocean deadly for Vancouver Island scallop industry [CBC News]


Secret World of Ocean Garbage Patch Microbes Revealed [Live Science]


With ice melting, U.S. pushes for limits on fishing in Arctic Ocean [LA Times]

Loss Leaders on the Half Shell [NY Times]

Ocean bottomliner: Why Mike Bloomberg is investing in fish [Grist]

Interview with Mark J. Spalding, President, The Ocean Foundation and Shana Miller, Global Tuna Conservation Project Director, The Ocean Foundation [Eco-Index]

Deep Sea/Technology

Research sheds new light on oceanic channel-levee systems [Phys]

Scientist discovers bizarre new deep sea ecosystem, created by disaster [Deep Sea News]

New ‘Exosuit’ To Take Ocean Divers To Stupendous Depths [Huffington Post]


Simbol Materials’ lithium extraction could help Salton Sea [MyDesert]

NOAA wants to turn its ocean of data into jobs [Computer World]

Deep Sea Mining; Digging a Hole We Can’t Get Out Of [Epoch Times]

Review Clears Path for Seismic Tests of U.S. Atlantic Oil [Bloomberg]

3D Maps Reveal a Lead-Laced Ocean [Science]


Tanzania: Fight Against Indian Ocean Pirates Gathers Momentum, Say EU [All Africa]


Maritime silk route: China’s foothold in the Indian Ocean? [Jakarta Post]

Kerry Recruits Partners to Seek Sustainable Ocean Solutions [US Mission]

Should the high seas be declared an MPA? [Global Ocean Commission]

Scientists advocate protective deep-sea treaty [Environmental News Network]

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